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We don’t want to toot our own horn, so listen to what others have to say about Kangaroo Self Storage and Kangaroo RV & Boat Storage. We love to hear from our happy customers!

Loveland Self Storage

I moved to Colorado from Idaho, and wasn't sure if I could make it to your facility in Loveland, CO, in time due to construction and a breakdown. I contacted the storage office and spoke to Andrew. He was so supportive and understanding of my situation and even agreed to stay a little later so that I had access to my storage unit. He provided directions and stayed on the line with me until I arrived, when I got lost. Kangaroo staff went over and beyond exceptional service! I am so happy that I choose Kangaroo and happy that Andrew is part of your establishment.

-- Rachelle (September 2015)

Great customer service. Very nice and helpful.

-- Ashley ( September 2015 )

Economical, clean, and secure. Kangaroo II meets all of my needs for a short-term storage facility.

-- Walter (June 2015)

Kangaroo is Fantastic! Great customer service and very friendly. I would recommend them to anyone.

-- Courtney (April 2015)

Great place. (Kangaroo staff) was very professional, and the storage unit was spotless!

-- Sarah (July 2015)

Priced right. (Kangaroo Storage) helped me out in a pinch and are very friendly.

-- Rainia (July 2015)

Loveland RV & Boat Storage

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your team working with me to set up a great parking spot for my 39ft travel trailer in my time of urgent need, and with extremely short notice. Your facilities were clean and nicely laid out – parking was a breeze. And I left with no security or rodent concerns at all, which I can’t say about some of the other storage companies I visited. I live in Minnesota, where we pride ourselves on “Minnesota Nice”… Let me say, working with your office staff reminded me of being home. Both were courteous problem solvers and helped take some of the stress of my situation off my shoulders.

-- John from Bloomington, MN (July 2016)

We were excited when we received your email last month indicating that you would be improving the RV/Boat storage area by adding rock to the spaces and redoing the ropes. I went to the facility today to have rock added to our two spaces. The Bobcat operator was very efficient in applying and smoothing the new rock surface, which I appreciated as I was waiting to remove and re-park the three items in our spaces. The addition of the rock surface will certainly improve foot and vehicle access during those rainy/snowy times of the year when water tends to accumulate in the spaces. This will greatly reduce tracking mud and dirt into our vehicles, which can be annoying. I also noted that you personally were also out spraying the vegetation that grows in the spaces. Another thanks for that. Since we moved to your facility, we have been very pleased with the continuous improvements you have made to the storage area, be it lights, rocks or ropes, and the maintenance of existing items, such as the entrance road and keypad area. We feel very comfortable in storing our vehicles at Kangaroo Storage, and appreciate the neat, clean look of the area. Thanks to you, the owner(s), and your team for always thinking about customer satisfaction and making improvements. We highly recommend your facility when the opportunity exists.

-- Steve & Kathy (July 2016)

I would like anyone else interested in (Kangaroo RV & Boat Storage) to know that their operation is First Class. Starting with the security, the cleanliness of the grounds to the help they give to their customers is second to none. I, as many others have a sizable investment stored on your property and I must say I feel very comfortable having my (property) at your location. Thanks for operating an awesome storage facility!

-- Bob C (November 2015)

(Kangaroo RV & Boat Storage) was the third facility we’ve had our trailer parked in and the best so far. I appreciate the way the facility is laid out, the cleanliness, the steps they go through to make sure it is secure, and the friendliness of your office folks. It is obvious that the owners put considerable resources into the facility and have a high level of expectation for its operation. And, it’s nice to know their customers are appreciated.

-- Jim T (December 2015)

Kangaroo RV & Boat Storage is a clean, secure facility. I feel great about leaving my property with them! Great customer service and I love that they know my name and greet me when I stop by.

-- Ryan C (October 2015)

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