Protect Your RV and Boat With Secure Storage in Loveland, Colorado

When you have too many belongings around your home, it’s easy to rent a storage unit to store them somewhere besides your garage or attic. What do you do with your boat or RV? These vehicles are a completely different size than your average storage box or piece of furniture. Keeping them unsecured on your property at home could make them a target for crime, especially when it’s the off-season and you won’t be using the vehicles for a few months. Proper RV and boat storage should provide ample parking spaces in a secure, fenced area when your vehicles are not in use. Kangaroo RV & Boat Storage in Loveland does just that.

We Provide the Space and Security You Need

We have self storage facilities across Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming. Our RV storage in Loveland, CO allows you to access your stored vehicles 24/7. If you’re worried about space, don’t be. There are over 400 spaces available for storing all kinds of vehicles, including:

  • Boats
  • Campers
  • Jet skis
  • Motorhomes
  • RVs
  • Trailers

Our parking spaces are surrounded by a secure fence that features an electronic gate with coded entry. Access is paved, so you don’t have to stress about moving your vehicles in the dirt or mud. Have questions? We have friendly, knowledgeable staff available to answer them.

Benefits to Storing Your RV and Boat With Us

RVs, boats, jet skis and other vehicles take up a lot of space. Some homes have enough property to park such vehicles, but many homes do not. When you store your RV, boat or other vehicle with us, your vehicles are parked in a secure location only accessible to those with a code. You are also able to get to your vehicles any time you need. We even light our property at night so you can safely see.

Call Us Today

To learn more about our RV and boat storage, call us in Loveland at 970-593-9580. We will be happy to inform you about any specials we are currently running. You can also easily reserve a space online.

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